PRESS RELEASE 12-05-2022
For immediate release

The Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) was invited by the Ga Mantse Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru 11 of the Ga Traditional council at his residence. The said meeting which was supposed to have come on last three weeks due to some reasons was actualize yesterday Wednesday, 11th May,2022.
The Ga Mantse Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru 11 through his spokesperson aligned the reasons for inviting the GBA which he stated that this year’s Homowo in the Ga State would be very special and for that matter many activities will be held . Among the many activities would be sports and Boxing would not be left out since is one of the prime sports for the Ga State.

The Ga Mantse stated emphatically that for this reason, he has formed a committee to work together with the GBA to organize a boxing show to grace the festive occasion.
The President of the Ghana Boxing Authority expressed his profound gratitude to the Ga Mantse and accepted his great vision and plans towards developing and promoting Boxing. He emphasized some challenges of the GBA which he would like the Ga Manste to help .Notably among them was acquiring land to build its secretariat and boxing arena amidst complaints of the management of Trust Sports Emporium diverting use of the Bukom Boxing Arena which he recall that the land was purposely given out to build the facilities for the Ga community specially for boxing of which he calls on the Ga Mantse.

The president Abraham Kotei Neeqauye also spoke of how he remove ban put on by the previous administration on Richard Commey because Ga Mantse intervened on Commey’s behalf during time and he took it upon himself to honor the Ga Mantse when he became the president to removing the ban. Unfortunately Richard Commey misconducted and disrespected the GBA again and the Executive Board have no other option to ban him indefinitely.
The Ga Mantse assured that he will look into the challenges of the GBA and see how possible best he can assist to develop and promote boxing in the Ga State and Ghana.

Abraham Kotei Neequaye
(GBA President)