Isaac “the Royal Storm” Dogboe pays his percentage purse towards the development of boxing in Ghana.

As stated in Article 8:19 of the rules and regulations of the Ghana Boxing Authority, Boxers who fight under the flag of Ghana are mandated to pay a negotiable 5%-2% off their fight purse towards the development of the sports.

Isaac “the Royal Storm “ Dogboe unlike some boxers who have refused to pay the said mandated fee, has redeemed his pledge by paying his percentage purse to the GBA.

When asked why he paid the fee,he said “when you search through boxrec for names of rated boxers in the world rankings, you only find flags of different countries and hardly find that of Ghana. Knowing very well the talents we have in Ghana, I believe it is in the right course to the development of boxing in Ghana. It is no mistake but there’s a need to develop, give others the opportunity to put their talent out there. I believe there are more talents and skillful boxers out there , the only difference is that I am open to more opportunities and put a lot of work in it .If this is about the next generation, why not.
I am paying this because I believe in giving a chance to the next generation.”

These he said to the admiration of the GBA president, Mr Abraham Kotei Neequaye, Direct General of the NSA, Professor Peter , Twumasi, officials from Niche Cocoa and the media present at the briefing and was applauded at the press briefing held at the African Regent Hotel earlier today.