GHANA BOXING AUTHORITY (GBA) 17-03-2022PRESS RELEASEFor immediate releaseGBA CONFIRMS GHANA PROFESSIONAL BOXING LEAGUE(GPBL)NIGHT 3 ON 26TH MATCH, REGARDLESS:The Ghana Boxing Authority(GBA) wishes to inform the general public that the high awaiting GPBL third night at the Bukom Boxing Arena scheduled for 26th March, remains intact regardless of any contrary information being peddled around.

Promoters of the ongoing Ghana Professional Boxing League(GPBL),Imax Media Boxing Promotions were compelled to rescheduled the fight night three(3) from March 19 to March 26 due to unexpected decision taken by caretakers of Trust Sports Emporium Limited(TSEL)who rented the fight night venue,Bukom boxing Arena for a musical concert.

The GBA’s attention was drawn to a press release issued by Cabic Promotions and Management signed by the CEO, Ivan Bruce Cudjoe contesting the decision of Imax Media Boxing Promotions to honor the 3rd night of GPBL on March 26 at the Bokum Boxing Arena,the same day Cabic Promotions and Management also have a scheduled fight night at Idrowwhyt Event Center at Akokofoto,Dansoman.

The GBA wishes to set the record straight regarding some of the misconception and misinformation spewed out underpinned by naivity and misconduct.

It’s important to inform stakeholders in Ghana boxing especially Promoters to acknowledge the power vested in the GBA to officially supervise,monitor and manage professional boxing in Ghana for the betterment of all.

The style,tone and content of the Press Release issued by Cabic Promotions and Management is full of question marks especially the headline and accusation of GBA President without any justifiable reasons.

The Ghana Boxing Authority(GBA) has been mandated to help promote,supervise and safeguard interests and welfare of all stakeholders including Boxers,Managers,Promoters,Match-makers,Ring Officials,Boxing gyms and retired professional Boxers…..

It’s thus imperative to caution all stakeholders, especially some Promoters to acknowledge the role and responsibilities of GBA and abide by rules and regulations governing professional boxing rather than throw their weight around and portray GBA as a competitor in business and administration.

The GBA wishes to inform the public that Cabic Promotions and Management can’t be described as a qualified Boxing Promoter to have the legitimacy of organising or promoting any fight under the GBA rules as at now, because they have not renew their licence.It’s also appropriate to indicate that Cabic Promotions and Management has not submitted or deposited any information or contracts of their scheduled 26th March fight night.

Cabic Promotions and Management has not submitted information and medical reports of boxers especially foreigners on the fights bill.The GBA will like to seize the opportunity to advise Cabic Promotions and Management to immediately fulfil what is expected of them regarding the issues raised above rather than resorting to unproductive antics that could exacerbate their problems and tarnish the good image of boxing promoters in Ghana.

The Ghana Boxing Authority(GBA)is very glad that Juvinile,Amatuer and Professional boxers have the determination and passion to reshape their boxing careers with the boxing league and other fights promoted by some Promoters.

However,all boxing stakeholders are kindly requested to identify their responsibilities and do everything humanly possible to live up to the billing.There is nothing wrong with promoting two fight events in the same region at the same time.However,the GBA has the prerogative to determine anything concerning professional boxing in Ghana.