The entire members of boxing fraternity in Ghana and beyond expressed their worries regarding the postponement and the rescheduled of Ghana Professional Boxing League(GPBL)night number three (3) from the original scheduled date of Saturday March 19 to Saturday March 26 due to unexpected decision the managers of Trust Sports Emporium Limited(TSEL) took and rented the Boxing Arena for Musical Concert on the same Saturday, March 19.

The GBA President,Abraham Kotei Neequaye together with his Executive Board Members and the Promoter,Imax Media Boxing Promotions did everything humanly possible for the TSEL General Manager,John Yaw Nimo to reverse his decision but to no avail.

After Mr.John Yaw Nimo issued the directive and sent shivers down the spines of GBA officials,Imax Media Boxing Promotions, participating boxing gyms,Trainers and boxing enthusiasts,and decided to stick to his decision,the Youth and Sports Ministry and other important stakeholders in boxing and the facility(Bukom Boxing Arena) were contacted to help resolve the matter amicably,without success.

The Ghana Boxing Authority(GBA) received countless calls and information from concerned boxing enthusiasts who expressed their displeasure on the matter and urged the GBA to sit up and avoid reccurrence of such mind boggling situation.

The GBA President,Abraham Kotei Neequaye cool down tempers of some angry youth especially those who planned to go on demonstration and invade the Bukom Boxing Arena to express their displeasure and find out why a musical concert would compete with a boxing event at the Bukom Boxing Arena at a crucial period when the boxing league is gradually reshaping Juvinile, Amatuer and Professional boxing and at the same time bringing back the notable love for the pugilistic sport in Ghana.

After several meetings between Imax Media Boxing Promotions and some boxing stakeholders,26th March has been chosen for the high anticipated third(3rd) night of the boxing league at the same venue of Bukom Boxing Arena.

According to GBA Director of Communications, Mohammed Amin Lamptey,he was totally dumbfounded by the decision taken Mr.John Yaw Nimo, because couple of weeks before he delivered this decision he(Amin Lamptey)was part of a meeting with the GBA President and TSEL General Manager and one of his officers and nothing of a sort was said or discussed.

The meeting cantered on the fight venue and both the GBA President, Mr.Kotei Neequaye and Mr Yaw Nimo understood the earlier decision on boxing fight venue and the instateneous changes made to suit the current situation of the Boxing league.Mr.Nimo never brought any information regarding renting out the venue for a musical concert.The GBA suffered the same challenges when TSEL forced the GBA to postponed and rescheduled the first night from 19th February to 26th February for renting the venue for another musical concert- said Amin Lamptey.

The GBA President wishes to express his sincere apology to the Promoters,Imax Media Boxing Promotions,sponsors and all those who have been affected directly or indirectly.

“Life is full of challenges, obstacles,and problems. But I will like to urge myself and all to learn how to face them courageously with joy and optimism because there is no achievements without hardship and opposition”-GBA President