The Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) is overly excited with the massive feedback its has received and continue to receive from boxing stakeholders after the official launching of the first night of the high anticipated Ghana Professional Boxing League(GPBL)in Ghana at the Bukom Boxing Arena on Saturday February 19th, 2022 by Minister for Youth and Sports,Hon.Mustapha Ussif.

The GBA obtained valuable feedback just after a night of exciting boxing bouts graced by high personalities such as the Minister for Youth and Sports, Hon.Mustapha Ussif, Hon.Nii Lantey Vanderpuye,MP for Ododiodoo constituency and former Youth and Sports Minister,Lawyer Peter Zwennes,former GBA President, Mr.Maxwell Takyie,CEO of Max Television and Imax Media Boxing Promotuons and many other dignitaries.

The first night of exhibition of excellent boxing artistry by Juvinile, Amatuer and Professional boxers was spiced up by irresistible entertainment by some popular music artists.

The GBA received feedback from some personalities who attended the event and are part of the massive crowd who filled the stands at Bukom Boxing Arena and those who watched it live on Max TV.

The Group Director of Imax Media Group, Fadi Fatal and his team members were commended for their remarkable engagement with the GBA that led to an effective planning,preparation organizarion,media relations and live coverage of the event.

The relationship between current Youth and Sports Minister,Hon.Mustapha Ussif and his predecessor,Hon.Nii Lantey Vanderpuye brought to the fore the need to appreciate ourselves regardless of our backgrounds and political diversity for the sake of Ghana and communal harmony.

The current GBA President,Abraham Kotei Neequaye also displayed a high sense of respect and integrity to the former GBA President,Peter Zwennes when he handed the microphone to his predecessor to deliver the welcome address.

Memebers of the Boxing fraternity expressed their profound gratitude to the two personalities for their maturity and the exhibition of good leadership for boxing in Ghana.

According to one of the renowned boxing stakeholder in Ghana,after a self reflection of such a successful night of boxing,he was made to realised the need to take a radical approach to reaching our goals in boxing.

He concluded by saying that both Abraham Kotei Neequaye and Peter Zwennes have created a leadership definition through collaborative efforts and energised all members of the Boxing fraternity to work towards a shared mission,vision and purpose.

The President of Ghana Boxing Authority, Abraham Kotei Neequaye expressed his joy and gratitude to all those who forwarded their feedback via phone calls,text messages and emails.”Feedback on the first night of boxing league has been my major objective before,during and after the event because feedback is the tool that can help the GBA and its partners to evaluate themselves and their work, and how others perceived them”-he said.

The GBA President emphatically indicated that Ghana boxing will grow to the highest pinnacle with credible and dedicated boxers who will become world champions in no time, if stakeholders collaborate with the GBA and provide feedback underpinned by logical and constructive criticisms, and focusing on the work and actions of the GBA towards a productive venture for the benefit of all.

The best form of criticism to the GBA is to approach the leadership one on one rather than using certain channels and means to churn out issues that may tarnish the image and brand of the sport to the disadvantage of all.

The inflow of feedback for the first night of the boxing league would change certain behaviours of some key stakeholders including the GBA and the main Promoter, Imax Media Group Boxing Promotions and allow them to receive realistic perspectives on their concept,content,production,delivery and actions.

The feedbacks received by the GBA came under the spheres of idea,opinion,comment,
suggestion and recommendation.The GBA intends to use these variables of feedback as tools for their observations,evaluation and interpretation of their major works and actions.

It is important to acknowledge the selfless and magnanimous role been played by Imax Media Group Boxing Promotions and Max TV(the official TV station for the Pro boxing league ).

Boxing Promoters across the globe are noted for coming into boxing for commercial and business purposes.However,with Imax Media Group Boxing Promotions as a starter,the situation is rather focused on development,rebranding and repositioning of boxing via a league system before material and financial benefits could be seen as the priority.

The huge amount of money($1.7 million)been injected into the boxing league goes to cater for the renting of the Boxing Arena, expensive live TV coverages,promotions on Max TV and Max FM,Boxers Purse,allowance for Ring Officials(Referees,Judges,
Bellman,Match Commissioner,Ring Announcer,Card Girls,Clark of Scale),ringside physicians,Ring Marshalls,Security,Boxing Ring,Lightening Sytem,Salary for their staff,to mention but a few.And so,it’s imperative to commend Imax Media Group Ltd for their commitment to worked hand in hand with the GBA and help our boxers to shape their ambitions and talents.

Majority of boxing promoters we have in Ghana also double as boxing managers of some boxers they are nurturing and grooming for business purposes.Imax is not managing a single boxer among the numerous boxers registered for the boxing league.

The most important thing for Imax Media Group Ltd is to continue to receive support from potential sponsors and corporate Ghana to help them sustain their efforts in this extraordinary and audacious sports venture .

Information available to the GBA has it that Juvinile and Amateur Boxers are very eager and enthusiastic to be introduced into the undercards of the boxing league for them to be seen live on TV and help them to shape their talents as prospective professional boxers.

The second week of the Pro boxing league for this coming Saturday 5th March, at Bukom Boxing Arena promises to be very uncompromising because of the caliber of boxers been paraded and the national title fight scheduled on the bill.