The Ghana Boxing Authority(GBA) and Imax Media Group have donated some assorted items to the National Chief Imam, Sheikh,Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu as the 30 or 29 days fasting known as the Holy Month of Ramadan begins very soon.

The donated items presented to the Narional Chief Imam included different varieties of 500 packs of Don Simon Fruit Juice, 3000 Sachets of Samu Spices, 100KGS of Rice, 50KGS of Sugar, 1 Carton of Chocolate and Biscuits, 100 promotional T-shirts & Caps supported by Marina Distribution, Melcom & Meisaha Enterprise.

Presenting the items in a short ceremony organized by IMAX MEDIA and GBA, was held at the Chief Imam’s residence at New Fadama.The Group Director of Imax Media Group Mr. Fadi fatal indicated that:”such historic visits to his Eminence,the National Chief Imam, will continue as the Muslim communities embark on the month-long fasting of the Holy month of Ramadan,”

He added by saying that “I believe in giving back to society and deem it appropriate to present the listed items to the National Chief Imam who is noted of feeding countless Muslims during the fasting period.As Muslims are preparing to embark on their annual fasting exercise,in Islam is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar”.

The holy month of Ramadan is a period of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, heightened of devotion and worship to Allah.”-said Fadi Fatal .

The GBA President,Mr Abraham Kotei Neequaye indicated that:”as part of our corporate social responsibility, we do such and important donations to our grand father who is our spiritual leader in the country to demonstrate our sharing spirit as our Muslim brothers and sisters are preparing for the Holy Month of Ramadan.We(GBA and IMAX) wish to assure the Muslim community and the Chief Imam that there will be more donations and supports to help shape the vision and ambition of Muslim Youth in Ghana”.

GBA President thanked the Chief Imam for his contribution towards the peace Ghanaians are enjoying,his assertive leadership style and the cordial relationship he created among Muslims,Christians and other traditional beliefs.

On his part, the National Chief Imam,Sheikh,Dr.Osman Nuhu Sharubutu,expressed his profound gratitude to the management of Imax Media Group and the GBA as well as their donners for their supports and indicated that it came at the right time when they are about to start the Ramadan fasting.He prayed for all, and wish them Allah’s blessings in their productivity and make their brands successful and the best.

“I always say that we Ghanaians must always be grateful to Allah, because we have enjoyed abundant peace as a nation. I hope if as a nation we show massive gratitude and thankfulness to Allah, He(Allah)will continue to favor and bless us with over lasting peace,love and successes. May Allah grant us peace,”-said the Chief Imam.

GBA Board Members Present at the ceremony included: Mr. John Manfo- Executive member, Alhaji Muritala Tofik-Chairman of promotions, Mr. Daniel Ayikwei-Head of security, Mr. Gideon Hansen Appiah-Head of marketing, Mr. Michael Tetteh-Deputy Chairman of promotions, Mr. Lord Acquaye- Treasurer, Mr. Mohammed Amin Lamptey-Director of communications and Mr. Derek Ankrah-Media executive.

Office of the National Chief Imam was informed to help spread the information that: IMAX TV will telecast daily recitation of the Holy Quran, preaching by renowned Muslim Scholars and announcement of Safur(Breakfast) & Iftar(breaking of fasting) times from 2nd April to 1st May, 2022, and one(1)hour daily programme from 4 – 5am as well as 10 Minutes (6-6:10pm.).Ramadan titbit information.

Source:Imax Media