Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, has been reelected WBO President:

The Indefatigable World Boxing Organization(GBO) President,Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel has been re-elected to serve for another 2 years after 25 years service to one of the finest boxing sanctioning bodies in the world.

Voting for the WBO Executive Committee members highlighted the first day of the 35th Annual WBO Convention being held from October 24 to October 29 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Lawyer Francisco “Paco” Valcaarcel, has been WBO President for 25 years and has been very proactive and instrumental to the growth and transformation of the organisation.

According WBO election officials,the elections process delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.This election will only be a two year period as the next election will occur in 2024.

According to the President of Ghana Boxing Authority(GBA),Abraham Kotei Neequaye,who is a delegate at the convention, indicated that Paco deserves to be re-elected to continue with his good works.He believes that the 2 year mandate offered him last Tuesday to continue what he has done over the past 25 years was in the right direction and wish him the best of all.

Due to several number of member countries not being able to attend the 35th convention, a list of proxies were read aloud to clarify issues and determine who would be casting ballots for whom to avoid any misconceptions.

There are other positions that were contested by some tried and tested personalities.The results of the elections were as follows:

1.Francisco “Paco”Valcarcel-President 2.John Duggan- 1st Vice President3.Erno Labega- 2nd Vice President 4.Genaro Rodriguez- 3rd Vice President.5.Rolando Marcos- 4th Vice President 6.Adolfo Flores- Treasurer 7.Michael Pernick- International Commissioner

In another development at the 35th WBO Convention,renowned international Referee,Russel Mora was appointed WBO Executive of ring officials and was received by a resounding round of applause.

As part of efforts to reposition the welfare and medical management of boxers,medical lecture was given by Dr.Michael Gonzalez and Dr.Joege R.Miranda-Massari entitled Nutrition,supplementation and basic concepts. GBA President,Abraham Kotei Neequaye expressed his profound gratitude to the medical experts for the knowledge shared.He promised to use the knowledge he acquired to help reshape the medicals and health control of Ghanaian boxers.